The National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) Regional Branches IV-A and MIMAROPA conducted one-day joint-webinar on June 25, 2020 via Zoom Meeting. A total of 167 registered participants attended the said online seminar from various industries in the provinces of CALABARZON and MIMAROPA.

Topic of the webinar was focused on “Tough Decisions: Discussions on Out of the Box Solutions in Labor Relations. This was discussed by Ms. Bebilou Dela Cruz of Cebu Help TV and a former General Manager of Palm Grass Hotel.

During the webinar, Ms. Dela Cruz explained that making a tough decision particularly regarding labor and employment is not easy, especially nowadays where business, economy and almost everybody, particularly the workforce is affected by COVID-19 pandemic. She also discussed the processes and steps in making difficult but right decisions. According to her, in whatever perspective, it is important for a decision-maker to take full responsibility for his/her action and have the willingness to face consequences for every decision he/she made (whether it is good or bad). She also gave some tips to participants in determining an action plan that will guide them to produce quality and positive output.

Ms. Dela Cruz ‘presentation culminated with a workshop and sharing of companies’ practices in making tough decisions during these trying times; how it was being addressed and handled in their own workplaces. Representatives coming from the management and labor side actively shared their varied insights on the topic.

RCMB-MIMAROPA OIC Director Francis A. Gonzalo Jr. in his closing message said, “I wish to extend my appreciation to all the participants for your presence has been invaluable and, without any doubt, has helped make this activity a great success.” He also thanked the resource speaker for sharing her knowledge and expertise in the event and assured participants for more free online seminars in the future. Renato Q. Fajardo Jr.