Manila – The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) organized an orientation seminar and re-training for Agency Authorized Liaison Officers (LOs) on June 20, 2019. The seminar was conducted in compliance with RA 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Services Delivery (EODB EGSD) Act of 2018. The participants were reminded that remitting agencies (RAs) shall no longer submit printed remittance lists due to the adoption of electronic billing and collection system (eBCS) facility.


Acting VP of NCR Area II, Ms. Leah Melissa De Leon said that GSIS EODB EGSD implementation covers not just the Frontline services but all non-Frontline services. The new system adopts a zero contact policy. She added that the assigned officers/employees shall follow the specific processing time for client transactions – 3 days (simple transaction), 7 days (complex transaction) and 20 days (highly technical application).

According Mr. Eduardo Fernandez, acting Senior Vice President, NCR Operations, the GSIS shall post the most recent Citizen’s Charter through their website, information billboards and interactive electronic Citizens’ Charter installed nationwide.

Other important features, and policies of GSIS Financial Assistance Loan II (GFAL II) were also presented. They encourage GSIS members, who have an outstanding obligation with lending institutions, to avail the GFALII and immediately settle the said obligations.

Highlights of the GFAL II are: refinance members’ outstanding loans at 6 percent per annum computed in advance on interest, use the effective rate of 11.258 percent per annum for 6 years, monthly interest and the outstanding loan balance shall be computed based on diminishing balance and expect an increase in net take home pay for availing members.

To implement EODB EGSD, the System sought the full cooperation of LOs for fast & efficient delivery of their programs and services. They tapped the LOs to ensure that concerned members have submitted complete documentary requirements and properly accomplished application to facilitate processing of their claims.

This activity aimed to re-train the authorized LOs and prepare newly designated LOs about the responsibilities and functions of the liaison officers – F. Belza Jr.